Ship Security Officer (SSO)

Law dated 26 June 2008 stipulates the conditions whereby the Ship Security Officer training certificate to ISPS standard is delivered. The Ship Security Officer training certificate is given to candidates who comply with the following conditions:

  1. Give proof of Ship Security Officer training at a certified training centre.

  2. Pass the examination proving that trainees have acquired the minimum standard as set out in the ISPS Code.

Training of Ship Security Officer must be certified by the director of the training centre approved by the maritime authorities.

Able to perform the duties of Ship Security Officer as set out in section A-VI/5 of the STCW code.

Ship Captains and Officers.
12 trainees maximum

21 hours over 3 days.

Program and teaching method
The course is in compliance with terms of French Law dated 26 June 2008.

  • Proceed with regular security inspections of ship to ensure that security measures in place are appropriate.

  • Ensure and supervise implementation of ship security plan and modifications to it.

  • Coordinate security-related aspects of cargo handling with other members of personnel on board and with port facility security agents.

  • Propose modifications to the ship security plan.

  • Notify the Company Security agent of defects and non compliance identified during internal audits, periodic inspections, security inspections and compliance checks, and implement all corrective measures.

  • Raise security awareness and vigilance on board.

  • Ensure that personnel in charge of ship security have appropriate training levels.

  • Coordinate implementation of ship security plan with company security agent and relevant port facility security agent.

  • Ensure that security equipment is correctly used, tested, calibrated and maintained.

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