Restricted Access Area Security Officer

The Law dated 23 September 2009 by French Ministry of Environment and Energy stipulates the terms of the French AZAR (Restricted Area Access) training course. The course provides trainees with the necessary knowledge to perform the duties of security agent in charge of security checks prior to granting access to restricted areas as set out in articles R.321-31 and R. 321-32 of the maritime port code.

Provide trainees with the necessary knowledge to perform the duties of security agent in charge of security checks prior to granting access to restricted areas as set out in articles R.321-31 and R. 321-32 of the maritime port code.

Personnel in charge of security inspections prior to granting access to restricted access areas.
12 trainees maximum

21 hours over 3 days.

Program and teaching method
Theory course
Introduction, maritime environment and employment framework for the security agent, minimum 7 hours :

  • General security principles and objectives of maritime transport security ;

  • Articles prohibited under maritime security ;

  • Port terminals ;

  • General overview of the stakeholders in maritime transport and their role ;

  • Applicable regulations for maritime transport and port terminal security ;

  • The port facility and restricted access areas ;

  • Role of state agencies and the different actors in transport security ;

  • Granting, suspending and withdrawing security clearance ;

  • Supervision of security agents.

Hands-on session
Practical session given in both classroom and at port facility :

  • Ethics of security visits ;

  • Behaviour towards people, pat-down inspection and techniques to ensure security at boarding time ;

  • Detection of prohibited articles ;

  • Use of portable detectors with practical demonstration;

  • Use of trace detector (explosives) ;

  • Search techniques on vehicles, baggage, trunk load, container to check for prohibited items.

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