Protection of Strategic Information

The circulation of information between different departments is essential for the effective management of companies or organisations. However, many staff members have access to high-value data without always knowing the value of that information. It is not rare to overhear on an airplane, at a restaurant, or in the lobby of a hotel information being shared that should never have being disclosed in public, and that should have been ringfenced within company walls.


  • Highlight the vulnerability of high-value information.

  • Provide simple and practical prevention and protection measures.

All personnel with access to strategic data: Board of Management, R&D, directors of strategy, business travelers, secretaries and assistants, etc.
Maximum 12 trainees

½ day to 1 day.

Program and teaching method
The trainers combine theory on the risks with a practical orientation/demonstration session of real-life cases of
data theft and debriefing using case studies.

  • Definition of strategic information and information warfare.

  • Main types of information acquisition devices.

  • Main information acquisition methods : targeted search, temporary theft, « untraceable » operations, etc.

  • Recognizing attempted data theft and appropriate response

  • General prevention measures when traveling abroad. 

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