Document Fraud Training Session

Government agencies, supermarket chains, small retailers, banks, airline companies and many other public and private entities are confronted with the problem of document fraud. Since the year 2000 the problem of document fraud continues to grow.


  • Learn to authenticate with certainty various official documents and photocopies of said documents, means of payment issued by banks. 

  • Identify markings to authenticate documents of value and fiduciary documents, both French and foreign, and immediately identify forged documentation.

Airline company agents, police officers, public service agents, social services agents, bomb disposal experts, explosives handlers, risk prevention department, security agents, security consultants, transport companies, etc.
12 trainees maximum

From ½ to 2 days

Program and teaching method

  • The issue of false identity and forged documents.

  • Criteria to authenticate French documents (National ID papers, passport, driving license, residence permit).

  • Option : Criteria to authenticate selected foreign documents

  • Face reading.

  • Criteria to authenticate means of payment.

A theoretical and/or practical test can be given to trainees.

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