Crisis management

All companies and organisations are likely, at some point during the life cycle of a project or during a phase of international development, to face a crisis situation: physical assault on expatriates, local labor disputes, serious unrest in-country,evacuation and repatriation, kidnapping.
To plan for and manage crisis situations, GEOS provides operational support for the design and implementation of specific security systems, that are adapted to the size and culture of your company and the regions where your sites are located.

Assist companies with the design of a forward planning crisis management system.
Develop the right technical, psychological and behavioural responses, highlight the reflex actions to be avoided.

All top and middle management personnel who may face a crisis situation or be appointed to a position as part of a crisis management team.
12 trainees maximum per session

From 1 to 2 days

Program and teaching method
The Trainers combine theory classes that introduce the concepts of risk, crisis and the basic components of a
dedicated organisation, with a crisis simulation exercise.
The basics of crisis management :

  • Crisis : definition, characteristics and dynamics.

  • Stakeholders.

  • Crisis preparation : technical, organisational preparation and preparation of framework documentation.

  • La conduite de crise : les processus informationnel et décisionnel.

  • Crisis communications.

  • Post crisis

Simulation drill (1/2 day)

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