Hostile behaviour management

Hostile behaviour, verbal aggression and physical aggression are threats that significantly raise stress levels for employees and personnel. Disgruntled clients, aggressive individuals, protest groups, individuals with behavioural or psychopathological problems, all give rise to situations that must be resolved while keeping personnel safe and avoiding business disruption.
GEOS proposes to train your personnel in the techniques of hostile behaviour and workplace violence management, with trainers who have longstanding experience in crisis negotiation and conflict mediation.


  • Reassure personnel who may face issues of verbal or physical aggression.

  • Provide practical solutions for the management of hostile individuals or groups.

All personnel dealing directly with the public or clients: receptionists, tellers, hostesses, aftersales service, cashiers.
12 trainees maximum per session

From 1 day to 2 days.

Program and teaching method
Trainers combine theory classes on the various aspects of hostile behaviour with practical orientation/demonstration sessions on active listening techniques, and the stabilisation of aggressive individuals or individuals with behavioural problems.

  • Definition of hostile behaviour and situations according to the participants.

  • Endogenous and exogenous factors in aggressive behaviour.

  • Types of aggression and hostile personality types.

  • Identification of hostile or unstable personality types.

  • Identify the threats and the reality of risk in order to adapt one’s behaviour.

  • Stress management.

  • Stabilisation of an aggressor, active listening, avoidance techniques.

  • Post crisis : dealing with the psychological impact of aggression.

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