Security sensitization sessions for business travellers and expatriates

Business travelers and personnel on short-term assignment in high-risk zones are today faced with a range of risks that threaten their security: physical assault, arbitrary detention, data theft and kidnapping are not rare occurrences for frequent business travelers.
To plan for and prevent most of these high-risk situations, GEOS provides sensitization and security orientation sessions on prevention measures and behavioural techniques to ensure effective security incident response.

Reassure personnel by providing them with simple practical rules to ensure their safety during business trips.

Top Management, project managers and all personnel who travel frequently as part of their professional duties, especially in high-risk or conflict zones.
12 trainees maximum per session.

½ day. General or bespoke training course adapted to a specific geographic region or country.

Program and teaching method

  • Introduction to international travel security

  • Strengths and vulnerabilities of business travelers

  • Overview of « high-risk » situations: assault on personnel, attacks on strategic information

  • Security principles and behavioural techniques for security incident management

  • Stress management

  • Surviving a security incident: the principles of psychological adaptation

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