Kidnapping: risk management and prevention

Corporations, because of their nationality, international reach or the location of their production sites, have become priority targets for organised crime. To plan for and prevent the risk of kidnapping, GEOS proposes to train senior management, personnel, business travelers and expatriates, in the prevention, detection and management of K&R-related security incidents.

Mitigate the risk of kidnapping in companies by providing personnel with the capacity to detect, prevent and manage a kidnapping situation.

All management and personnel who travel and work in high-risk regions.
12 trainees maximum per session

1 to 2 days.

Program and teaching method
Our experts combine theory classes on the risk of kidnapping, with case studies of methods employed by kidnappers as well as a practical orientation session on detection and prevention of K&R.

  • The methods employed by professional kidnappers: analysis and debriefing of real-life situations, overview of the most recent methods employed by kidnappers.

  • Vulnerabilities of corporations in France / abroad.

  • Mapping the risk of K&R.

  • Preventing an attempted kidnapping: advance security planning and prevention for employees working at buildings open to the general public.

  • Establishment of a crisis centre and staffing the crisis centre.

  • Drafting appropriate procedures, crisis centre activation protocol.

  • Crisis communication and media management.

  • Debriefing and lessons learnt.

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