Hostile Environment Awareness

The instability of emerging business environments brings a range of risk variables and companies and personnel now face a wide spectrum of threats. Advance risk planning is essential before relocating expatriates or staff on short term assignment to high-risk zones. H.E.A.T/H.E.S.T courses that lead to qualification to these standards allow all organisations to provide comprehensive training sessions to personnel assigned to high-risk environments.
GEOS was the 1st service provider retained by the European Community (DG ECHO) for the deliverance of HEAT Training sessions for the years 2008-2011 worldwide. The Group has become a solid partner in the “Logistics & Security” service package provided to EUROPAID (DG AIDCO) for the European Commission’s Electoral Observation Missions.
In 2008, GEOS gave to the DG RELEX (European Commission) a ‘K&R’ (Kidnap & Ransom) training session in Colombia, destined for al l RELEX personnel based in Latin America. Finally, the Group has performed since 2009 the role of security advisor to the European Parliament (USPE – Security Unit of the European Parliament).


  • Security sensitization.

  • Pre-departure training to enable selected personnel to operate in a hostile environment.

All personnel assigned to operate in a hostile environment.

From 4 to 10 days for the entire training session.
3 sessions per year

Program and teaching method
The components of this training course are both basic and flexible, but we recommend tailoring the content of the course to the specific context of the client’s projection area of operation. The program includes a first day of brief theory classes that focus on essentials, followed by instruction cards that participants use throughout the course. Knowledge acquisition is based on applying concepts and using specific equipment during hands-on exercises and drills. The focus is then exclusively on full immersion drills to give participants effective stress management tools and solutions. Intensive debriefing sessions, with video support, enable participants to extract a maximum of information and expertise from the training course.

Courses are modular and range from design of a security plan, risk assessment, to the physical security of people and property; classes can also be given on practical skills such as first aid and rescue in the field, use of transmissions equipment, OEI sensitization, topography, or 4-Wheel vehicle driving.

The HEAT Training course given by GEOS includes:

  • Supply of all equipment needed for the training: radios, satellite communications, replica mines, weapons, ballistic protection gear, vehicles, etc.

  • Logistical support in the four countries mentioned (Belgium, South Africa, Jordan and Thailand): air tickets, housing expenses, etc., and mobilisation is possible in other countries.

  • Comprehensive trainee assessment, with written and practical tests, and final debriefing using video support.

  • Optional: Online teaching support (e-learning) for the course.

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