International Security Expert

Companies and organisations are increasingly confronted with security issues, wherever they are located. The current economic climate globally and in Europe means many companies will have to relocate all or part of their activity and personnel to countries where manpower costs are lower. New production sites may be located in unstable or hostile business environments.
The « International Security Expert » training course that is delivered to all Geos staff as part of their professional training, enables trainees to work as a Security Officer and Security Manager, expands their skills by enabling them to perform security audits, organise, support and assist clients during a latent or open crisis event, implement security plans, procedures and evacuation plans and provides trainees with knowledge of the socioeconomic, cultural and human impact of an industrial project. Teaching this proprietary approach to security management is a priority for the Group.

The fundamental objective of this training course is to present both the theoretical and practical aspects of security management, ranging from indepth
knowledge of security terminology, the drafting of deliverables for clients, geopolitical analysis, socioeconomic factors, understanding of the corporate
world to the various aspects of crisis management and negotiation.

All personnel (experience in the security profession an advantage) seeking broad security-related knowledge and capabilities for assignments both in
France and abroad. 
Maximum 12 personnes par session

5 days.

Program and teaching method
Courses combine theory classes with desktop simulation exercises and drills.

  • Introduction to international security.

  • Risk management (behavioural and negotiation techniques).

  • Understanding a project.

  • Securing the project: preparation and performance.

  • Crisis management.

  • Labour unrest risk prevention and management.

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