Company Security Officer (CSO)

Law dated 5 December 2003 stipulates the conditions whereby the Company Security Officer training certificate to ISPS Code standard is delivered. The Company Security Officer training certificate is given to candidates who comply with the following conditions:

  • Give proof of Company Security Officer training at a certified training centre.

  • Pass the examination proving that trainee has acquired minimum standard as set out in ISPS Code. Training by director of maritime affairs and seafarers details the contents of this examination.

Training of Company Security Officer must be certified by director of the training centre approved by the maritime authorities.

Able to perform the duties of a Maritime Company Security Agent as set out in section A/11.2 of the ISPS Code.


  • Maritime company managers.

  • Managers of ISPS experts.

Maximum 12 trainees

32 hours over 4 to 5 days.

Program and teaching method

  • In compliance with terms of French Law dated 5 December 2003.

  • The trainers combine analysis of regulatory aspects, with case studies drawn from their own experience.

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